App snapshat

You should have already heard about the application of the SnapSat phone, which allows users to send videos and images, which self destruct after a few seconds.

Snape Chat is a sharing and sharing application that allows users to take a photo or video, add a comment or anything they want, send it to a friend or add it to their own story to share with friends or friends so that friends can see it for a specified period of up to Ten seconds and then disappear.

With the spread of the application spread among users question why they are puzzled about the benefit of using a messaging application that sends pictures or short videos to friends and can not save.

In fact, there is a possibility to save images and videos sent via Snape Chat, and the application contains many things that are far from what the eye sees at first sight.

If you want to know everything about Snape Chat and how it works read on, you will quickly realize that it is more than just an application used by teenagers.

What is Snape Chat?

Snape is a messaging application for sharing photos and videos, launched in 2011. Snape has a unique feature that allows you to view your image or video for a short time before disappearing forever.

Although the snapshot does not always exist, the application automatically hides it after a period of time, but the user can take a screenshot of the screen to save what was sent.

The number of active users per day is about 100 million active users from all over the world, and reports have indicated that users of the application send about 700 million images / video per day, as of May 2014.

There were also reports that Facebook offered $ 3 billion for the acquisition of the application, in view of its popularity, which was later to be one of the founders of the application to reject the transaction and funds, which prompted Facebook to launch a similar application as Slingshot.

Who uses Snape Chat?

Although the application is primarily targeted at adolescents and adults, it is used by different age groups, according to several research companies, where most users of Snape Chat are under the age of 34.

The figures show that the proportion of users aged between 18 and 24 years is about 45%.

The percentage of users aged between 25 and 34 is about 26%.

The percentage of users aged between 35 and 44 is about 13%.

The percentage of users aged between 45 and 54 is about 10%.

While the percentage of users aged between 55 and 64 about 6%.

The application is gaining new users every day and has different population formats. Studies have shown that users use Vine or so-called Viners using the Snape Chat feature as a way to communicate with followers.

What is the benefit of Snape Chat?

We can provide a lengthy explanation of the benefits of Snape Chat, including an explanation of the benefits of social media in communicating and developing its own applications to suit the different trends and interests of active users around the world.

However, we invite you to follow the next video presentation instead, which may convey the idea more simply than written speech, and has published this famous YouTube video Casey Nistat, gives a brief overview of Snape Chat and why it is very popular.

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